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Renew! Refresh! Rejuvenate!

Oxygen therapy is one of the most recent offerings to the Esthetic industry and the newest technology that we use at Oxygen Beauty Bar.

We have specially designed this beauty treatment for those who want to settle down the wrinkles and round up their face. In this Oxygen therapy, oxygen "aerosol" takes in a mixture of collagen, vitamins, plus minerals to not only make you feel refreshed, but rejuvenated and beautiful again.

Why you should try our Oxygen Therapy:

The tools our beauty experts use to apply oxygen skin care are made of the highest quality plastic or glass that produces a spray of fine particulate solution, making you get the desired look!

Our beauty pros know that the longer the contact with the targeted area of the skin, the more optimal the effect.

As well as knowledgeable enough to deal with the liquid flow rate in an attempt to avoid over-flooding the skin.

Please contact us today to enjoy the benefits of oxygen skin care.