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Henna Tattoo:

Our designs are not only intricate and artistic but we are in tune with latest designs. The henna we use at Oxygen Beauty Bar is absolutely natural and free of any artificial colors or chemicals.

Henna is a paste created by the crushed leaves of henna plants, which have a natural staining ability, and added ingredients such as teas and herbs. Our paste is all natural containing only the powder of crushed henna leaves, eucalyptus oil to turn it to a paste, and lemon juice for scent. NO CHEMICALS ARE ADDED.

The paste is applied to the skin in a freehand drawing fashion. After drying in 15 to 20 minutes it crackles, flakes and falls off leaving your tattoo on your skin. Let the dried paste fall off on its own. Henna paste is a dye and the longer it is left on the skin, the more layers of skin become stained by it. The design will darken over the first 24 hours to its natural reddish brown color. Reacting with the pigments in various skin types, it will turn browner on lighter skin and redder on darker skin. The tattoo will remain until all the stained layers of skin naturally exfoliate. It will last from 2 to 4 weeks making Henna Tattoos the longest form of temporary tattoos available.

Henna Tattoo