Nothing can beat the beautiful eyes, but attractive brows and deep lashes can add much more to their splendor.Browse through our services and see what we can do and how we can help create a new look for you.


Now, getting fuller & thicker looking lashes is at your fingertips! Our eyelash extensions service has been developed to the peak standards - so that you get the highest quality, soft and sturdy lashes.
We let you choose from a broad range of extension thicknesses, lengths, and highlighting colors.

After undergoing this treatment you will feel confident and beautiful with curled and pointed lashes that look natural and let you flaunt around with that perfect look! The beauty experts at Oxygen Beauty Bar use specially developed, non-frustrating lash glue to provide you with the finest effect and most relaxed treatment experience.

What's more?
  • • No overload on your natural eyelashes = NO DAMAGE to them.
  • • Our extend professionals are skilled and trained to the top technical standards.
  • • Our professionals have the talent to modify your treatment result.
  • • Treatment starts with a face-to-face consultation - so you get the desired look.
  • • Enduring results make it a perfect treatment for those wanting to have stunning lashes 24/7.

Ask your eyelash professional for recommendation on how best after you decide on specific lashes. Additionally, for any further query about eyelash aftercare,please feel free to contact us.