Nothing can beat the beautiful eyes, but attractive brows and deep lashes can add much more to their splendor.Browse through our services and see what we can do and how we can help create a new look for you.


They say "NO" and we say "yes" to better Eyebrows!

Are you are fed up of thin & poorly maintained eyebrows?
Make an approach to Oxygen Beauty Bar for well-defined and arched brows through our highly in demand eyebrow extensions service.
This avant-garde beauty treatment will boost thin eyebrows, letting you to get the look you've always desired.

Gone are the days when women used to pluck eyebrows to attain pencil thin brows. But now, deep and fully-defined eyebrows are in the fashion trends, and in fact a symbol for a young and beautiful appearance. Our eyebrow extensions treatment is the perfect solution to over plucked brows. It will assist your cover gaps & blemishes and make tapering brows look fuller. This treatment is the best option for those who have little to no brow hair.

The benefits of our Eyebrow Extensions Treatment

  • • Cover up gaps & blemishes
  • • Fill in thin & light brows
  • • Make well-defined arch
  • • Give depth & completeness
  • • Erect better shape
  • • Durable upshots up to four weeks
  • • 100% safe to your original brows

We value both your time and money.
So, what are you waiting for?
Get in touch with our beauty experts to learn more about this splendid treatment.